Are You Interested in Microdosing?

Our trained coaches are here to safely walk you through your individualized microdosing process.


All participants will be provided with adequate study materials such as workbooks, tracking sheets, e-books, and virtual or in-person preparation sessions.

Dose & Frequency

There are several different trusted protocols for dose and frequency. Your coach will assist you in finding what dose and frequency is right for your individualized experience. Coaches will also walk participants through the preparation and consumption of the medicinal microdose of choice.


$75 per session. Our program last approximately four to six weeks with one 30-60 minute session per week.

Habit Tracking

Microdosing allows the participants to pin-point which habits they would like to incorporate and also eliminate from their life. Our coaches will help keep participants accountable in their goals to improve their health and lifestyle.


Appointments take place once a week or once every two-weeks depending on the needs of the participant. These appointments last up to 60 minutes either in-person or virtually.