Experienced Psychedelic Guides,  
Trip Sitters, and Microdosing Coaches

Our trusted psychedelic guides and coaches are here to assist you in your transformational journey. 
Serving Northern Colorado

A Journey to Transformational Healing

Our team of psychedelic professionals are trained both in the clinical setting as well as in the traditional ceremonial style of trip-sitting. The majority of our guides are bilingual, and all are CPR certified by the Red Cross. Combined with mental health expertise, which includes addiction specialists and crisis workers, our trip-sitters will safely navigate you through your journey to deep and transformational healing.

We are happy to offer two-week and four-week programs. Our ceremonies are held in your environment of choosing and our guides come to you. Our guides will safely walk you through your ceremonial process. Our program begins with an initial phone consultation and a thorough intake process. Our guides then officially begin the program with pre-journey preparational and educational sessions which includes intention setting, preparing a ceremonial space, and information on medicine contraindications as well as educational harm-reduction. What follows is initiating the actual ceremonial journey and after-ceremony integration sessions. 

Both of our programs come with workbooks to assist you in staying accountable with the inner work that must be done. 24/7 after care support is provided for both programs by phone for further integrational needs.

To view our full program details please click the link below. 

Sourcing & Location

We do not source or provide any substances. The journeyer must provide their substance of choice. We encourage those who do not have a means of providing the medicine themselves to reach out with their concerns as guidelines have changed since the passing of Proposition 122. Our experienced guides sit with all psychedelics. All guides are trained mental health professionals as well as CPR certified by the Red Cross.

Guides will travel to the journeyer on the night of the ceremony. All intake and preparation is done prior to the ceremony in a virtual or in-person setting.

Psychedelic Trip Sitters is now based in Loveland, Colorado. Our guides serve northern Colorado and will commute to your location of choice. A predetermined travel fee may be required in the case of far-distanced travel.